Prisoner Exchange Program

In mid 1995, the PTRA redefined its purpose. We created and are pledged to a new mission:

The purpose of the PTRA is to be an economical partner in the seamless transportation services that our member lines offer to the industries in the Houston Gateway. We will provide the safe, impartial, and efficient gathering and distribution of railcars while maintaining respect for the needs of our customers, our employees, and the environment.

We are focusing on continuous improvement in many areas. One of the ways we are addressing efficiencies deals with our communication with our customers. We are not talking about General Manager to Plant Manager. We are talking about those people who are actually responsible for getting the job done; Yardmasters, Engine Foremen, and Trainmasters and their counterparts at the industry.

We invite you to participate in a "prisoner exchange program" whereby designated individuals from the PTRA spend a day with their counterparts at your site. Likewise, we invite specific employees from your company to spend a day with their counterparts at the PTRA. The host employee would show the guest employee around the property, explain his/her job function, introduce key players, and generally get to know each other. We would expect the guest employee to come away with increased problem avoidance/solving skills. Facility maps, phone lists, and a "face behind the name or number" should help improve communication.

Trainmaster Jack Forsyth is coordinating this program. He can be reached by phone (713) 393-6505 or e-mail at