Port Terminal railroad Infrastructure

PTRA has a total Yard Capacity of 5,000 railcars.

On average, PTRA spots and pulls 2,500 industry cars per day and has 10.000 cars spotted at industry at any given time.

Member lines have invested over $27million in maintenance and expansion over the last 6 years.


Port Terminal railroad Operations

PTRA straddles both sides of Houston ship channel and proudly:

Services 226 local customers from 7 serving yards.

Maintains 154 miles of track and 20 bridges.

Handles approximately 50,000 cars with an average of 975 engine starts per month.


Serviced 8,800 origin/destination pairs in 2010.

Services the entire US, Canada and Mexico through its interchange connections.

Inbound/Outbound Carloads by State


Contact Address

Port Terminal Railroad Association
8934 Manchester Street
Houston, TX 77012

Office: 713-393-6500

Fax: 713-393-6673

Railroad Emergency

How to Report an Emergency

To report an emergency, contact us at 713.393.6509 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

PTRA Ethical Hotline

An Ethical Workplace Begins with You

Unethical, illegal or unsafe activity harms our organization and our future. With your help, we can prevent this activity and uphold our high standards.

Report unethical activity at 877.217.4675 or online at reportlineweb.com/ptra

Safety Tips